Neem Extract

Natural Extract With High Purity

Neem Herabl Extract (Bitters)

Phyto Life Science introduces broad varieties of customized Neem extract with Unique Features to meet consumer’s specific requirements in Healthcare, Food & Cosmetic industries

  • Botanical Name : Azadirachta Indica
  • Common Name : Neem
  • Parts Used : Root bark, stem bark, gum, flower, Leaves, seeds, seed oil
  • Principal Constituents of Crude Herb : azadirachtin , nimbin, nimbidin, salanin and nimbidin B


 It is found in abundance in tropical and semitropical regions like India.The tree was considered so valuable and miraculous that itbecame a major component of the Indian ecosystem. The Sanskrit word “nimba” means (Nimbati sincati svasthyamiti, svastha vrtikaramiti yavat) that which gives health. Multi-directional therapeutic uses of neem have been known in India since the Vedic times. Almost all parts of the tree–stem, bark,roots, leaves, gum, seeds, fruits, flowers, etc.–have been in use as traditional medicine for house-hold remedies against various human ailments from antiquity. It shows therapeutics role in health management due to rich source of various types of ingredients like bitter, terpenoides. This indicates the extent of information available in the Ayurvedic literature.

Ayurvedic potential of extract:

Netrya—Beneficial to the eyes; helps to relieve infection Kruminut—Helps relieve worms and microbes Pittanut—Balances Pitta Vishanut—Natural detoxifier Vatala—Causes vitiation of vata Katupaka—Pungent taste after digestion Arochaka—Relieves anorexia Kushtanut—Relieves skin diseases.

Constituents And Active Compounds Of Crude Herb

Neem has been found to possess several types of chemicals that could be exploited for pest management. Neem seeds contain the complex of tetra terpenoid lactones azadirachtin , nimbin, nimbidin, salanin and nimbidin B. Neem laves contains meliantrol, salalnin, β-sitesterol, stigmasterol and flavonoides suchas nimatone, quercetin, myrecetin and kaempfreol. neem bark shows the presence of riimbin, margolone and margolonone etc.

Supports Overall Health, Wellness, and Comfort

Neem extract is cost effective and biologically potent with formulation application as follows:

Neem leaves stimulates the immune system, improves liver functionality, detoxifies the blood and promotes a healthy respiratory and digestive system.  It is famous as a malaria treatment and works for diabetes well. Neem leaves enhance biological functions by strengthening the immune system, also well for Skin.

  • Used as antipyretic, antimicrobial, cardiotonic
  • Used for wound healing & diuretic
  • Used in treatment of cardiovascular disorders & skin problems

Raw Material

Collection of raw material in proper season from various regions of India. Authentication and Standardization of botanical species carried out respectively.

Extraction Process

Our organization adopted USP based methods for extraction to maintain quality, safety & efficacy of our product by following GMP. For enrichment of extract we optimized & monitored critical process parameters to achieve desire end product which conserve its natural aroma and taste to satisfied consumers need. Product Processed & stored under strictly hygienic production environment.

Unique Features

Phyto Life Science is always taking consideration of consumer’s requirement by providing them versatile products with below unique features:

  • Aqueous solubility
  • Enriched phytoconstituents
  • Prolong shelf life
  • Availability  of accelerated stability study data 
  • Long lasting natural aroma & taste

Grades Available

Powder, Liquid and Oil soluble version also available


  • Applied in  Nutraceuticals to enhance health benefits
  •  Applied in cosmetics, flavors & fragrance industry   


Store at cool and dry place

Important Note :-The information presented in this is for informational, reference and educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a health care professional. Although, the information presented about product is based on material provided by researchers and sources deemed reliable, we do not presume to give medical advice. The information presented here is the base on various Ayurveda & other book references and some market literatures and books and published papers. Anyone wishing to use this information should share it with his or her health care provider before embarking on any therapeutic program. It is your responsibility to discuss any alternative or natural remedy with your health care provider before use.