About us


Phyto Life Sciences P ltd is a creative factory of botanical minds. We are born with crystal clear motive to combine PHYTO SCIENCE and LIFE SCIENCE (Ayurveda). In the early 21st century, the world once again turned back to traditional medicines and created the necessity to build a bridge to deliver flavours of forests into the health pack.

Now it was a challenge to interface Ancient Ayurveda with Modern Pharmacognosy on a single platform.

Phyto team has made it possible by implementing multidisciplinary approach which includes various activities like : To identify & source authentic herbs as per API monographs and study their pharmacological & therapeutic actions on literature basis, integrated advance analytical chemistry in QC testing, rediscovering innovative process technologies to derive, concentrate and preserve active phyto chemicals and scale-up mass industrial production as per the guidelines.


To meet the poly herbal requirements, PHYTO set up 2 huge factories with 1500 MT/Annum Output Capacity and has got approvals of over 450 ingredients from FDA & FSSAI. Thus PHYTO LIFE SCIENCES P LTD has become India’s unique company to produce and deliver such a vast range and large volumes of herbal extracts, phyto chemicals, oils and blends .

Phyto Life Sciences p ltd has covered 9 Lac sq.ft. area in facility and has also covered more lands for the 3rd facility which is under process. The facility is in fully advanced state of art with PLC automation and has adopted advanced equipments made from SS-316. Phyto Life Sciences continuously invests in its facility to keep technology process and talent at its top. Our facility & R&D centre has been approved by DSIR & REACH certification . Also accredited with GMP, FSSAI, KOSHER, HALAL, ISO.


PHYTO LIFE SCIENCES P LTD has never ignored the importance of environment and thus found the most suitable location near to wild forest of Pavagadh to set up the factory where pure and fresh air blows around the year and is enriched with natural drinking water.


Our technocrats have adopted routine practice of tech transfer of new discoveries, whether be it of new molecules or new processes. Before launching it into the market, our R&D department and Production department worked together to take 3-5 consequent batches to observe consistency.

The whole production process is controlled under a closed material handling system & material movement is carefully monitored in order to avoid cross contamination.

Temperature and cycle time plays a vital role in botanical processes . Keeping this in mind, Phyto has the first low temperature facility designed to match ideal cycle time to derive maximum active constituents with burn free particles . It also preserves the natural aroma and taste of concentrates.

To meet the SOPs of line clearance and change control in every batch, PHYTO TEAM has separated all the four sections in the production facility 1]Aqueous extraction 2] Hydro-alcoholic extraction 3] Solvent extraction and 4] Oils extraction.

Our vast experienced production team applied the attitudes to maintain day to day critical hygiene during the process in the entire facility and storages.

Vacuum drying , Spray drying , Milling , Blending & Packing and Storage area are well designed and are covered by HVAC system as per Class D pharma guidelines.

The Quality Control department is engaged in qualification and quantification of every extracts with TLC, HPLC, GC, UV and HPTLC on sophisticated instruments. Our expert team also studies the monographs to meet the quality standards of pharmaceuticals. Our QC covers all the testing including microscopic and macroscopic testing.


Our R&D division has set up the best example with constant Breakthrough Discoveries and Revolutionary Innovations. Phyto team has produced certain phyto chemicals with pre-clinical evidence as well as clinical evidence.

One step ahead, our Phyto scientists are engaged in novel researches to observe the efficacy, safety and consistency of various phyto chemicals and have successfully launched patented and studied phyto chemicals in different healthcare segments. With the help of ayurvedic experts included in the teams, our scientists have always evaluated ancient and modern processes and have innovated molecules with optimized efficacy. Thus we have become the world's unique platform to deliver cost effective and high performance based natural ingredients to meet the modern drug delivery systems.


  • Preserving active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Concentrate the active phyto chemical ingredients
  • Convert raw materials into their most convenient forms.
  • Remove the unwanted materials
  • Adding economic value to herb materials.
  • To obtain pure phyto chemical
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