Research and Development

Research & Development

Phyto has 100s of scientific brains with restless hands, which have succeeded to launch 5 patents and are working towards more … We study with different herbs and have applied for deep research and publications .. As a result we are entering into Global market with newly discovered molecules .

The PHYTO process has been designed in such a way that gives advantage of maximum resistant against humidity and temperature to our end preparations .This provides the best possible protection & longer shelf life for end formulations. Technically we have spent maximum time to improve maximum aromatic value, more active ingredients & flavours & taste for better application in medicines, nutraceuticals& cosmetics.

  • Our R&D constantly works on ADME : Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism & Excretion
  • Numerous researches have been done in R&D lab to make particles more soluble, more denser, less bitter & less in moisture
  • We are focusing on green technology too
  • We have set up a separate R&D Centre in 1500 sq. ft. area

Our R&D has achieved some KEY BENEFITS through our ingredients which has successfully kept our company ahead than any other producers.


(Collaboration with recognized contract research laboratories)

Discovery Activity &Chemisty Process Development
1. Ethnobotany 1. Activity 1. Lab Scale
  • Record of Safety
  • Record of Medicinal Use
  • In vitro, in vivo activity
  • Mechanism
  • Clinical Data
2. Pilot Scale
2. Nutritional Benefits 2. Chemistry 3. Commercial Scale
3. Environmental Impact
  • Physical & Chemical analysis
  • Reference standard Method development
4. Validation
4. Sourcing 5.  Improvement
5. Feasibility


The Phyto Chemistry laboratory develops commercially viable processes for the optimum extraction of medicinal plants where active constituents (markers) are known. The plant extracts generated thereof are standardized to contain known amount(s) of biologically active constituent(s). For plants where actives/ markers are not known, bioactivity guided fractionations are undertaken and actives/ bio-markers are isolated for the purpose of standardization.

Unrivaled Potency

Openly labeled, true concentration ratio facilitates with accurate dosing.

  • Rigorous selection of optimal source materials based on laboratory analysis of active ingredients, Cultivation conditions, and traditional quality discernment.
  • Individualized techniques optimize the extraction process by calculating the ideal decoction time, temperature, water-to-herb ratio, standard method, and maximum concentration ratio of each medicinal value.

Process R&D

The R&D team is actively involved in process development, scaling-up technology transfer and associates with manufacturing team throughout life cycle of product.

R&D has always been emphasizing to ensure that the processes being adopted for the products are cost effective, safe to handle and with optimum advantage in terms of yield and quality.

Analytical R&D

  • Reference standard qualification
  • Development and validation of analytical methods
  • Stability studies according to ICH guidelines

Formulation R&D

Formulation Research and Development is accomplished by experienced scientists, technicians and chemists:

  • Design and development of new dosage forms
  • Pre formulation studies
  • Lab / pilot scale studies
  • Process optimization/validation studies
  • Stability studies as per ICH guidance
  • Technology transfer of new products
  • Technical supports to manufacturing location