Holy Basil (Tulsi) Extract

Natural Extract With High Purity
  • Botanical Name : Ocimum Sanctum
  • Common Name : Tulsi
  • Parts used : Herb/leaf
  • Principal Constituents of Crude Herb : Tannins, Ursolic acid

Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum, also known as, Ocimum tenuiflorum, Lamiaceae) is an aromatic plant which is native throughout the Eastern World tropics and widespread as a cultivated plant.

Constituents and Active Compounds:

The leaves contain pale yellow-green essential oil which becomes crystalline over a period. It is called as basil camphor.

Volatile oil-0.4-0.8% containing chiefly eugenol-up to 21% and P-caryophyllene-37%, it also consists principally of linalool, methyl chavicol (estragole), small quantities methyl cinnamate, cineole and other terpenes (carvacrol, caryophyllene, nerol and camphene etc.). The leaves yield ursolic acid, apigenin and luteoin.


Holy basil is used for the common cold, influenza ("the flu"), H1N1 (swine) flu, asthma, bronchitis, earache, headache, stomach upset, heart disease, fever, viral hepatitis, malaria, stress, and tuberculosis. It is also used for mercury poisoning, to promote longevity, as a mosquito repellent, and to counteract snake and scorpion bites. Holy basil is applied to the skin for ringworm. In cooking, holy basil is often added to stir-fry dishes and spicy soups because of its peppery taste. Cookbooks sometimes call it "hot basil."


Collection of raw material in proper season from various regions of India. Authentication and Standardization of botanical species carried out respectively.


Our organization adopted USP based methods for extraction to maintain quality, safety & efficacy of our product by following GMP. For enrichment of herbal extract we optimized & monitored critical process parameters to achieve desire end product which conserve its natural aroma and taste to satisfy consumers need. Product is processed & stored under strictly hygienic production environment.


Phyto Life Science is always taking consideration of consumer’s requirement by providing them versatile products with below unique features:

  • Aqueous solubility
  • Enriched phytoconstituents
  • Prolong shelf life
  • Availability  of accelerated stability study data 
  • Long lasting natural aroma & taste

Powder, Liquid and Oil soluble version also available

  • Applied in  Nutraceuticals to enhance health benefits
  • Applied in food and beverages
  • Applied in cosmetics, flavors & fragrance industry   

Store at cool and dry place

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