Bhringraj Oil

Natural Oil With High Purity

Phyto Life Science introduces broad varieties of customized bhringraj OIL with Unique Features to meet consumer’s specific requirements in Healthcare Cosmetic industries

  • Botanical Name : Eclipta Prostrata
  • Common Name : Bhringaraja, Bhangro
  • Parts Used : Whole plant
  • Principal Constituents of Crude herb: Wedelolactone, volatile oils


Bhringaraj known as ‘false daisy’ in English is a traditional wonder herb that is hugely recommended for growing long, silky and strong hair. It belongs to the sunflower family and is widely used all over the world for its immense benefits towards hair and overall health

Bhringaraj is of three types:

  • ShwetaBhringaraj (possesses white coloured flowers)
  • PeetBhringaraj (possesses yellow coloured flowers)
  • Neel Bhringaraj (possesses blue coloured flowers)

It is aayurvedic hair tonic that is extremely beneficial for hair fall, grey hair and dandruff. Apart from beneficiary to the hair, it is also useful for skin problems, headaches, and mental weakness. Massaging  hair with bhringaraj oil provides a calming effect on the head, increases memory, improves blood circulation on the scalp. It is one of the amazing hair oils that can prevent hair fall and effectively promote hair growth. In our oil extract taking consideration of consumers need oil is enriched for the phytocostituents which are useful.

Ayurvedic potential of HERB:

  • Katu and Tikta Rasa (pungent and bitter taste).
  • It shows Laghu (light) and Rukshna (dry) gunas, UshnaVirya (hot potency) and KatuVipaka (pungent metabolic property).
  • It balances the Vata (air) anad Kapha (earth and water)doshas and aggravates the Pitta (fire and air) doshs.

Constiuents And Active Compounds Of Herbs

It contains wide range of active principles which includes alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, polyacetylenes, triterpenoids. The leaves contain stigmasterol, a-terthienylmethanol, wedelolactone, demethylwedelolactone and demethylwedelolactone-7-glucoside43. The roots give hentriacontanol and heptacosanol

The polypeptides isolated from the plant yield cystine, glutamic acid, phenyl alanine, tyrosine and methionine on hydrolysis. Nicotine and nicotinic acid are reported to occur in this plantBhringaraj being a potent hair vitalizer has a host of bioactive constituents including flavonoids and phytochemicals like ecliptic, wedelolactone, coumestans, polypeptides, polyacetylenes, thiophene derivatives, steroids, sterols like stigmasterol, heptacosanole, hentriacontanol, and triterpenes.

Volatile oils like heptadecane, 6,10,14-trimethyl-2-pentadecanone, w-hexadecanoicacid, pentadecane, eudesma-4(14),11-diene, phytol, octadec-9-enoic acid, 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid diisooctyl ester, (Z,Z)-9,12-octadecadienoic acid, (Z)-7,11-dimethyl-3- methylene-1,6,10-dodecatriene and (Z,Z,Z)-1,5,9,9-tetramethyl-1,4,7-cycloundecatriene.

Supports Overall Health, Wellness, and Comfort:

According to Ayurveda, Bhringraj is biologically potent with formulation application as follows

  • Can be used  in hair growth and alopecia
  • Can be used as an insecticida

Raw material

collection of raw material in proper season from various regions of India. Authentication and Standardization of botanical species carried out respectively.

Extraction process

Our organization adopted USP based methods for oil extraction to maintain quality, safety & efficacy of our product by following GMP. For enrichment of natural oil we optimized & monitored critical process parameters to achieve desire end product which conserve its natural aroma and taste to satisfied consumers need. Product Processed & stored under strictly hygienic production environment.

Unique Features

Phyto Life Science is always taking consideration of consumer’s requirement by providing them versatile products with below unique features:

  • Enriched phytoconstituents
  • Prolong shelf life
  • Availability  of accelerated stability study data 
  • Long lasting natural aroma & taste
  • Non greasy.

Grades Available

Oil & oil soluble version available


  • Applied in  Nutraceuticals to enhance health benefits
  • Applied in cosmetics, flavors & fragrance industry

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