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Research & Development

The Photochemistry laboratory develops commercially viable processes for the optimum extraction of medicinal plants where active constituents (markers) are known. The plant extracts generated thereof are standardized to contain known amount(s) of biologically active constituent(s). For plants where active / markers are not known, bioactivity guided fractionations are undertaken and active / bio-markers are isolated for the purpose of standardization.


Why Phyto First?

What makes our compounds irresistible??

It is our constant investments in basic & applied research.

R & D is a constant source of innovation for our Production departments, adding quality and originality to their creations. New molecules with outstanding application potential are identified & created by capitalizing on the most advanced scientific methods such as structure activity relationship, computational chemistry, molecular modeling techniques, artificial intelligence & expert systems.

Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd. brings today highly demanding consumer an international and diverse palette of tastes. As global partner to the leading manufacturers of foods, beverages & pharmaceuticals, we set the trends according to their needs; they are available as natural & nature identical in both liquid and dry form. We work closely with our clients, own food technologists, ensuring flavor performance and stability under the most rigorous industrial processing conditions. Advanced sensory analysis techniques enable us to monitor consumer perceptions across world markets & product segments maintaining & furthering Phyto’s leaders in flavor creativity. Our extracts are distinguished by their.


Unrivaled Potency

Openly labeled, true concentration ratio facilitates with accurate dosing.

  • Rigorous selection of optimal source materials based on laboratory analysis of active ingredients, Cultivation conditions, and traditional quality discernment.
  • Individualized techniques optimize the extraction process by calculating the ideal decoction time, temperature, water-to-herb ratio, standard method, and maximum concentration ratio of each medicinal.
Most extensive selection of medicinal with traditional processing in the
  • Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd. is a fully licensed, GMP ISO:22000:2005, HACCP certified extract manufacturing  company, far surpassing the dietary supplement standards required for products produced in the United States.
  • Tested for authenticity and potency with microscopic examination, HPLC, and TLC.
  • Advanced heavy metal testing on clients need .
Microbiology testing confirms the absence of microorganisms.
Consistency and Potency

The patented extraction techniques created by Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd. are rooted in a new generation of technology that offers greater consistency and potency over products produced by other methods. Owing to differences in extraction technology and methods, the majority of   products on the market have variable concentration ratios. The unique methods used by Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd. produce an even appropriate concentration, allowing for easy formula calculation and accurate dosing in clinic.

Though hygroscopic nature of our end product, every parameters of storage have been considered in such manner.

Phyto Chemistry

The R&D center is a complete research facility with independent Photochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Formulation & Development and Quality Control laboratories, which work together with multidisciplinary approach at various stages of product research and development. Our R&D center also holds certification & reputed accreditations from Gujarat FDA department. These departments driven with true sense of scientific temper ensure our research and development programs meet international level and adhere to guidelines established by WHO, US-FDA, BP and many more. Our research team has filed three patents & two in under planning on its herbal products.


Areas of Competence

Identification of crude drugs using pharmacognostic techniques:

  • Isolation of markers for standardization of herbal products.
  • Bioactivity guided fractionations of herbs to isolate their bio-active compounds.
  • Development of extraction procedures for medicinal plants.
  • Isolation of phytochemical of high purity for use as chromatographic reference standards.


This laboratory is specialized to conduct microbiological quality control and anti-microbial screening of herbal products. Various analytical procedures in this laboratory are tailor made to suit herbal products and are in accordance with WHO guidelines.


Quality Control

Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd. quality policy is mandated and supported by the highly qualified technical people and coordinated by an independent Corporate Quality Assurance (CQA) Department.

  • ISO 22000:2005, GMP & HACCP certified Plant.
  • Quality Assurance is independence of Manufacturing.
  • In-Process quality is checked during manufacturing.
  • Validation of facilities, equipments, process, products & cleaning as per Master Plan.
  • Complaint Handling.
  • Storage of quality record and control samples.
  • Stability Studies.
Registration Documents (DMF)
Quality Assurance Department handles the following activities
Assuring Quality of Products:
  • GMP training
  • SOP compliance
  • Audit of facility for compliance
  • Line clearance
  • In-process counter checks
  • Critical sampling
  • Record verification
  • Release of batch for marketing
  • Investigation of market complaints
  • Stability of products
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