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Botanical Name: Bacopa Monnieri
English/Common Name:
Ayurvedic name:
Endri, sarsvati
Parts used:
Whole Plant
Principal Constituents: Bacoside A & B

The leaves of this plant are succulent, oblong and 4–6 millimeters thick. Leaves are oblanceolate and are arranged oppositely on the stem. The flowers are small and white, with four or five petals. Its ability to grow in water makes it a popular aquarium plant. It can even grow in slightly brackish conditions. Propagation is often achieved through cuttings.


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Phytochemiclas For Bacopa Monnieri
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Chemical composition / key active constituents:
The best characterized compounds in Bacopa monnieri are dammarane types of triterpenoid saponins known as bacosides, with jujubogenin or pseudo-jujubogenin moieties as aglycone units. Bacosides comprise a family of 12 known analogs. Novel saponins called bacopasides I–XII have been identified more recently. The alkaloids brahmine, nicotine, and herpestine have been catalogued, along with D-mannitol, apigenin, hersaponin, monnierasides I–III, cucurbitacins and plantainoside B.

The constituent most studied has been bacoside A, which was found to be a blend of bacoside A3, bacopacide II, bacopasaponin C, and a jujubogenin isomer of bacosaponin C.These assays have been conducted using whole plant extract, and bacoside concentrations may vary depending upon the part from which they are extracted. In one BM sample, Rastogi et al. found this bacoside profile—bacopaside I (5.37%), bacoside A3 (5.59%), bacopaside II (6.9%), bacopasaponin C isomer (7.08%), and bacopasaponin C (4.18%)

Bacopa displays antioxidant and cell-protective effects. It also inhibits acetylcholinesterase, activates choline acetyltransferase, and increases cerebral blood flow. [21] In rats, bacoside A enhances antioxidation, increasing superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase activities. Brahmi augments Th1 and Th2 cytokine production. Several studies have suggested that Bacopa extracts may have protective effects in animal models of neurodegeneration. There have also been preliminary clinical studies suggesting improvement of cognitive function in humans.


  • Brahmi has been found to be very beneficial in the treatment of anxiety neurosis and mental fatigue. It has been found to significant improve IQ levels, general ability, behavioral patterns and mental concentration in children. Brahmi is useful for improving mental clarity, confidence and memory recall. For these uses of Brahmi, it has been widely used by students.
  • Brahmi is also used for the treatment of epilepsy, insomnia, asthma and rheumatism.
  • Studies have also shown Brahmi to possess anticancer activity.
  • Brahmi is effective against diseases like bronchitis, asthma, hoarseness, arthritis, rheumatism, backache, constipation, hair loss, fevers, digestive problems etc.
  • Brahmi is bitter in flavor, in India the plant is used in salads, soups, as a cooked lea vegetable, or pickled.
  • Research has shown that Brahmi has Antioxidant, Cardiotonic and Anticancer properties.
  • The plant is also used for all sorts of skin problems- eczema, psoriasis, abscess, ulcerations- it is said to stimulate the growth of skin, hair and nails.

Two chemicals in bacopa, bacosides A and B, improve the transmission of impulses between nerve cells in your brain. The neurobiological effects of these isolated molecules were found to increase protein kinase activity and new protein synthesis, specifically in cells in region of the brain associated with long-term memory. Bacopa also increases your level of serotonin, a brain chemical known to promote relaxation. The herb's ability to boost brain function while reducing anxiety may explain why it helps treat ADHD. Aside from increasing intellectual and cognitive function, Brahmi induces a sense of calm and peace in its users. It is unique in its ability to invigorate mental processes whilst reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety. This makes Brahmi extremely applicable in highly stressful work or study environments where clarity of thought is as important as being able to work under pressure. Many people have the intelligence to perform to strict standards, but lack the composure and self-confidence to reach them. Additionally, Brahmi helps soothe the restlessness and distraction that nervousness causes. Brahmi is ideal for students and workers faced with this problem.

Dosage:  Juice- 10 to 20 ml

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